RE:FRESH is an inspiration program for Aged Care complete with tips on menu planning, recipes, insights from experts, themed event ideas, video tutorials and more, to deliver a higher standard of service and a better dining experience for your residents. Watch the video below to learn what RE:FRESH is about, and click here for step by step video tutorials that will help you discover and navigate the content on offer.

An inspiration resource specially developed for Aged Care Chefs.


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Menu Planning

Aged Care menu planning essentials: checklists, Chef tips, food plating and presentation and more.

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Recipe Booklets

Collection of printable recipe brochures for Aged Care menus, from salads, soups, main meals and more for your staff to use.

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Industry News

Latest developments in the Aged Care industry in relation to foodservice, including new Aged Care quality standards.

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Dining Experience

All aspects of dining experience in Aged Care, including dementia care dining and practical tips for mealtime success.

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Nutrition Advice

Latest information on nutrition in Aged Care Dining, expert advice and tips on improving nutritional value of meals.

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Texture Modified Food

IDDSI overview and implementation tips, interviews and expert advice for Aged Care kitchens.

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Practical advice for Aged Care Chefs and Managers on training staff, teamwork, managing a kitchen and more.

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Themed Events

Event inspiration for holidays and special occasions and easy tips to bring them to life in your Aged Care facility.

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Event Menu Templates

Download FREE beautiful Menu Templates and Table Talkers for your events to add to the celebratory mood and decor.

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Explore our growing database of recipes specifically designed Aged Care residents.

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