Posted on Thursday, 28th April, 2022

Localised flavours offer another level of interest

Once upon a time, the catch-all country name was all we needed to describe a particular cuisine. But we all know flavours and cooking methods are more nuanced than that, with regional and even hyper-regional cuisines reflecting the geographies, ethnicities and traditions of distinct areas within countries.

Localised flavours offer another level of interest
Go regional for richer culinary experiences

Go regional for richer culinary experiences

A vast number of regional Indian cuisines are influencing menus around the world, and diners grow keener to explore new and emerging flavours. Chefs have a great opportunity to experiment with some of the more regional Indian curries to add complexity and interesting twists to the menu.

KNORR Tomato Powder

Vegan-certified and gluten-free KNORR Tomato Powder delivers a rich and pulpy tomato sauce in just one minute. It’s made from sustainably harvested tomatoes and is the perfect base for complex Indian curries.

KNORR Tomato Powder
Sous-vide Ribs


Cooking meat on the bone

We show you how to maximise the flavour of your Indian curry creations with a meat-on-the-bone cooking method.

Lamb dhansak

Our recipe for Lamb dhansak takes us to the western Indian province of Gujarat and features a spice mix unique to the region.

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