Posted on Thursday, 18ᵗʰ May, 2023

Burgers are one of our most adaptable menu items, easily modified to meet the expectations of a changing culinary landscape. With international fusions coming up everywhere, it’s no surprise that even the humble burger is getting a global twist.

These intriguing and on-trend flavour combinations are a great way to explore fusion cuisine while sticking to the familiarity of a classic stack.

A traditional Korean side dish staple meets a Western-style burger for a tangy and spicy fusion of flavours.

Add a Japanese twist to your burger with togarashi chilli beef fillet, yuzu mayo and grilled eggplant slices.

A Tex-Mex take on the classic burger with a wild but delicious jumble of colour, flavour and texture contrasts.

Japanese-style crispy fried chicken gets stacked on slaw and smashed avo, then finished with smoky katsu sauce.

This modern Indian twist on your burger features a savoury sprinkling of tomato powder and seasoning for extra flavour.

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