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For the Coconut Milk

For the Chicken

  • Chicken Breast 10 pc

For the Herbs

  • Noodles, crispy 400 g
  • Coriander, picked 150 g
  • Thai basil 150 g
  • Chilli, long, red 3 x
  • Wombok, shredded 400 g
  • Baby leaf mix 150 g
  1. For the Coconut Milk

    • Whisk the KNORR Coconut Milk Powder and water together.
    • Mix the prepared coconut milk with KNORR Thai Green Curry Paste, palm sugar, fish sauce, lime leaf, peppercorns, coriander root and garlic puree.
  2. For the Chicken

    • Poach the chicken breast in prepared coconut milk mixture. Remove from heat and cool. Shred or slice chicken.
    • Strain the coconut milk mixture; reserve for dressing.
  3. For the Herbs

    • To make salad, toss noodles, coriander, basil, chilli, wombok, leaf mix and chicken together.
  4. To Serve

    • Serve drizzled with reserved coconut milk mixture.
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