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What you need

This vegan burger features tender grilled zucchini tofu patties stacked with fresh kumato tomatoes, peppery rocket, earthy spinach, and KNORR American Tomato Chilli Relish for a sweet, tangy flavour kick.



  1. What you need

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  2. Tofu Patty

    • Heat oil in a large pan over medium heat. Cook the patties in batches until golden brown.
    • Remove and drain on a paper towel. 
    • Alternatively, cook patties on a grill plate.
  3. Vegan Mayo

    • Combine HELLMANN'S Vegan Mayonnaise with water. Set aside.
  4. To Assemble

    • Toast the brioche buns until golden.
    • Spread the bottom half of the bun with KNORR American Tomato Chilli Relish.
    • Top with zucchini tofu patty, sliced tomato, rocket and spinach leaves.
    • Spread the top half of the bun with vegan mayo and place on burger.
    • Serving suggestion: Plate this vegan burger with hot chips and extra HELLMANN'S Vegan Mayonnaise.
  5. Chef's Tip

    • Use KNORR Italiana Pronto Napoli on the bottom half of the bun for a different flavour profile.