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Puréed meals require time and skill to prepare and can add extra pressure to a busy kitchen. 

Here are our top 4 tips to help make puréed food look and taste great.

Use moulds for more realistic looking meals

Visual appeal of food is critical for residents on texture modified diets to help stimulate appetite. Food grade silicon moulds are great for shaping and presenting puréed foods. They are easy to source in a large variety of designs: fish, sausages, meat, vegetables, fruit. 

Add instant mash potato, such as KNORR or Continental, instead of additives such as modified starch, into puréed vegetables and meat before shaping them to hold texture. They can be served straight away without the need of freezing or refrigerating.

Boost the flavour with powdered herbs and spices

Helpful for adding both colour and flavour, powdered herbs and spices can make a meal look and taste delicious as well as cater to individual tastes. For example, use a sprinkle of paprika on a meat dish for people who enjoy spicy food.

Flavoursome food encourages second helpings.

Get creative

For a fast, visually appealing way to present puréed food, use a piping bag and pipe foods such as mashed potato, puréed carrots or pumpkin on a plate in bite-sized portions.

Make sure there is a variety of colour on a plate, so the meal has good visual appeal and looks exciting.

Add Sauces

By adding a sauce or gravy to puréed meat will not only make it look more appetising but also add extra flavour and moisture. Click here to see UFS range of KNORR sauces and pastes.

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