Posted on Tuesday, 16th June, 2020

Mental health and wellbeing has been an issue in the foodservice industry for a long time but prevailing taboos have limited open discussion or significant action. In recent years, the tragic deaths of high-profile chefs have helped begin an important discussion about this issue and the need for change. Initiatives like #FairKitchens are starting to build awareness and initiate change to improve working conditions and in turn, the mental health and wellbeing of hospitality workers.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, but has had a particularly severe effect on the foodservice industry. In this candid discussion via Facebook Live, Unilever Food Solutions Executive Chef Andrew Ballard and LIVIN Psychologist Luke Foster discuss these issues in the foodservice industry and share practical advice to help chefs and hospitality professionals manage the mental health and wellbeing of their staff, colleagues and themselves.

Psychologist Luke Foster

Mental health in foodservice: A discussion with psychologist Luke Foster