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Food Collective is your opportunity to help OzHarvest with the great work they do by raising money and rescuing food while receiving rewards for being part of the solution.



1 Case = 1 Meal to Aussies in Need

We will be donating 50c to OzHarvest every time you purchase a case of selected UFS products. 

This well help OzHarvest deliver one more meal to an Aussie in need. Get on board and start making your ingredients purchases count for more. 

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Get excess food picked up by OzHarvest for free!

Waste should not be a dirty word; it’s the reality of the industry. We challenge all Chefs to join the Food Collective and start becoming regular OzHarvest food donors. It’s free and simple to do.

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You should be rewarded for your good work!

Earn points every time you purchase selected products. Then exchange the points for rewards - the latest technology and gadgets, kitchen gear for you and your staff. 

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