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This video depicts COLMAN’S 200 year history of tradition and quality. Who are the faces behind COLMAN’S success? Jeremiah Colman started his mustard and flour business in 1814 in Stoke Holy Cross, just 4 miles south of Norwich. In 1858, his great-nephew Jeremiah James COLMAN established the production factory in Norwich which still exists there today. Bob Walpole, crops and culinary Manager at COLMAN’S talks about his job of working with mustard and mint growers and the added responsibility of managing the culinary unit. The farmers behind the supply of produce are David Bond and David Boyles, mint and mustard farmers who are associated with the company for many years. Walter Gilmore, Team Leader is in charge for running quality checks on the seeds before sending it to the factory. John Sauverin, Mustard Miller is responsible for milling the seeds into the final product. Together, they have created the perfect team who truly are the pioneers of the brand.

Learn about the people that dedicate their lives to COLMAN'S Mustards. 02:38

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