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Trends come and go, but the one constant has got to be a big, beautiful steak, which we reckon has overtaken the pie as our national dish. And for good reason, what can beat a juicy, smoky, sizzling steak? Customers are still willing to part with their hard-earned for a good steak but still has to present good value. Getting creative with cuts, cooking and sauces can push your steak offering to a whole new level of succulence.

Choose a great cut, cook it perfectly and pair it with a cracking sauce. Simple.

Why just cook with standard old button and cup mushrooms that every chef makes their mushroom sauce from? Unleash your inner mushroom magic voodoo skills with this recipe and be a sauce hero.

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No need to stick to the exact traditional recipe for Dianne! Take this recipe for example. Still has Dianne sauce roots but so much better for a reinvented version. Anyway, who settled on using the name Dianne for a sauce, what’s wrong with Sharon or Debbie?

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The surf and turf dish has now been reinvented. People will line up and down the road once they know you have these mightiest never-say-die dishes and smash them together like the legend you are.

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