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Summer is a great season for fresh fruit and vegetables with a big variety available at good prices. Fresh berries are plentiful and perfect to use across desserts which are sure to put a smile on residents’ faces. Wash berries well before use to get rid of any dirt and pesticides.

Beans are relatively cheap throughout summer with all varieties including flat beans, green beans, snake beans and butter beans in large supply. Snake beans are great for Asian style dishes, stir fries, soups, curries and salads. Chop beans into bite size chunks before cooking.

Green beans and butter beans require the same preparation, trim the stems and cook quickly in rapidly boiling water to retain the delicious crunch and vibrant colour. For a vibrant salad combine both green and butter beans.

Sweet corn is a good source of dietary fibre which contributes to normal laxation so is a perfect vegetable for your residents. Fresh corn is perfect served by itself with butter and can also be made into sweetcorn fritters with tomato relish as something a little different. Sweet corn is also a source of potassium that can help balance the sodium in salty foods.

Melons are in season throughout summer with watermelon being the most popular. Watermelon is picked ripe and ready to eat. You’d want to choose whole watermelons that feel heavy for their size. If the watermelon is cut, look for firm flesh with a vibrant pink colour. Store cut watermelon in cling wrap or air tight containers in the cool room. Watermelon can be mixed with other fresh berries for a fresh summer salad. You can also add fetta and olives for an interesting simple salad idea. You can also freeze watermelon and use in smoothies or desserts.

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